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You can find a book according to your preferences in our portfolio. We add more than 250 new titles each year, all of them are carefully chosen to reflect the latest emerging trends and fresh thinking from some of the leading names in literature.

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Self-isolation doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected. We want to help you get lost for a moment, engage with the community and experience some of the things that make Fresh Line so special. Now’s the time to take a virtual gallery tour, watch a play online or explore a museum from home.

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Barbara Johnson

Timeless Lifestyle Opportunities


Evelyn Nix

Modern Ghost Stories


Marissa Scott

America Best Debut Short Stories 2017


Verlyn Flieger

Tolkien's Legendarium: Essays on the History of Middle-Earth

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Portugal Guidebook

Barbara Johnson

Book Cover

The Future Is Now

Lance Jeske

Book Cover

Vincent & The Lost Cat

Leonel Shelton

Flowers For Her

Flowers For Her

Natalie Hernandez

Publishing Young Voices

Group 73

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